Traffic and Safety

Long-standing issues on the West Side relate to roadways and bridges, pedestrian walkways and bicycle paths, police patrols and traffic management.

In addition to the need for fluid movement on the West Side, many residents either work across the Rio Grande or otherwise regularly need to travel to downtown or the East Side.

Issues of concern include:

  • Congestion
  • Safety
  • Smooth traffic flow and speed enforcement
  • Maintenance of existing infrastructure
  • Management of changes due to growth and development
Police Liaison with Neighborhood Groups

Lieutenant Scott Norris heads the Police and Community Together (PACT) team for the Northwest Area Command of the Albuquerque Police Department.

This initiative stresses community-oriented and problem-oriented policing that allows the community and the department to address public safety, quality of life, and fear of crime issues in the area..

He attends WSCONA meetings and is committed to working with residents on public safety issues.

Call Lt. Norris at either 768-4866 or 379-6686, or email him at if you have questions or comments.


News and Community Coordination on the West Side of Albuquerque