Your Portal for Life on the West Side

Albuquerque West Side is your platform to:

  • Learn about what’s happening on the West Side
  • Engage with community leaders
  • Coordinate in ways that speak directly to  City, County and State representatives on issues of common interest

The editor was recently interviewed by KOB Channel 4.

KOB reporter Morgan Aguilar and ABQwestside Editor Nick Harrison.







The goal is to understand what is happening on the West Side now, and to plan for the future in:

  • Land use planning
  • Transportation
  • Water
  • Commercial and housing development
  • Quality of the environment
  • Community organization
  • And more

In addition to news and announcements, this is an opportunity to bring focus to issues or projects early and — in a coordinated way — to better represent the opinions and priorities of those who live on the West Side.

It has the potential to shape ideas, gain support, and integrate thinking around important decisions that affect the Westside and potentially all of Albuquerque and New Mexico.

How We Work

Content is managed by the editors and is based on:

  • Contributions from representatives of neighborhood associations
  • Material provided by City/County/State offices and elected representatives
  • Updates on commercial and civic activities on the West Side

When possible, the site will provide original stories based on research, interviews or coverage of events. That might include status reports on development projects along Coors, talks with police commanders about crimes or accident trends in the area, spotlights on interesting people who live on the West Side, etc.

Possible extensions of this basic plan may include activities such as surveys that test opinions of West Side residents and the shaping of groups to work with government offices on planning for projects before they are set in stone.


We seek your opinions and ideas, but have decided for the time being to ask for them as messages to the editors. Please use the Feedback box on each page.

The site is new and somewhat experimental. Once it has found its stride, it may be possible to have running commentary on individual items or areas of coverage.

Questions: editor@abqwestside.com

Stay tuned.


News and Community Coordination on the West Side of Albuquerque