Sign variance request lives on

Despite zero local support for allowing a tall, wide sign to be erected  at the intersection of Coors and Ladera, the developer is continuing to make appeals at the Environmental Planning Commission and the City Planning Office .

During a during a facilitated meeting about the Coors Pavilion shopping center, nearby residents raised significant issues with proposed increases in the height and size of the sign — which the developer, Joshua Skarsgard, claims are needed to reach his business goals and attract tenants.

On December 19, after WSCONA members summarized community opposition, the Zoning Hearing Officer deferred a decision after the developer proposed another meeting to seek a compromise.  That meeting has not yet been scheduled.

The earlier meeting cited concerns over Coors becoming “another Montgomery, Menaul or Lomas Boulevard- type of corridor.” Residents added that allowing for a variance runs the risk of “setting a precedent whereby other competing businesses on Coors ask for the same signage consideration.”

Skarsgard pointed to other large signs along Coors south of the development. However, those were either erected before current restrictions were in place or are in different zoning categories.  Currently, none of the signs north of the location exceed the height restrictions of the Coors Corridor Plan that he is trying to amend.

The Grande Heights Neighborhood Association filed a detailed  formal objection to the plan with the Planning Department, which was supported by the WSCONA Executive Committee.

Grande Heights Statement on Coors Pavilion

A separate appeal went before the Environmental Planning Commission, December 14. The EPC approved design changes to smaller signs planned for the  shopping center.