Coalition Wants more time to consider ABC-Z

Dr. Joe Valles, writing on behalf of the Inter-Coalition of neighborhood associations, has asked City Council President Isaac Benton to defer consideration of the ABC-Z Plan for at least six months, citing its complexity, potential for dramatic impact across the city, and piecemeal rollout by City planners.

His email to Councilor Benton says:

The Inter-Coalition Panel must consider these amendments to the Albuquerque-Bernalillo County Comprehensive Plan as a Regionally Significant Matter. Intended as the overriding planning design for how the City (and County) will develop for the next 30 years, these proposed amendments are still a work in progress. Though highly touted as ‘making all things simpler,’ attempts to read the massive document dictates otherwise as you well know.

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West Side Coalition Seeks Your Involvement

If you live west of the river in Bernalillo County and are part of an organized neighborhood that is recognized by the City or County, you can be the neighborhood / homeowner association’s representative to WSCONA.

Here are but a few of the issues that WSCONA is addressing to reflect the wishes of the people of the West Side:

  • APD staffing
  • Lack of progress by APS in improving educational effectiveness
  • Poverty
  • Job growth
  • Changes to the ABC-Z Comprehensive Plan

But broad participation is needed. A cohesive message, based on widespread support, is essential to gaining the attention of politicians, news organizations and other key decision makers.

Through WSCONA, you can gain thoughtful consideration and, if appropriate, support for your positions.

See if what we offer is what you are looking for in making the West Side all it can be.