LUPZ meeting to address neighborhood concerns

The Land Use, Planning, and Zoning committee will hold another hearing on the Integrated Development Ordinance Wednesday September 27th, at 5 pm in the City Council Chambers.

The committee will be taking testimony and will go over amendments to the IDO to address concerns raised at the August 16th hearing.

Rene’ Horvath, who manages land use issues for WSCONA, said that the development community spoke at previous meetings in support of:

  • More permissive uses
  • Fewer conditional uses
  • Less public involvement
  • More density and building height

Neighborhood representatives spoke in favor of:

  • Protections found in the current regulations and ordinances
  • An open and public process for consideration of zoning changes
  • The right to appeal decisions

All these protections are in the existing Zone Code and Sector Plans.

Neighborhoods also brought up concerns that the density, building heights, and intensive uses being promoted by the IDO are too high and located inappropriately near residential areas. The  interactive map provided by the Planning Department shows the new zoning being proposed for Albuquerque.

Your participation at this hearing¬†will show neighborhood support. If you have questions, call Rene’ at (505) 898-2114