Give thanks for putting Fluoridation back on track

Dr. Joe L. Valles encouraged people across the city to send an email of appreciation to the five members of the Albuquerque Water Authority who  voted to approve reinstatement of fluoridation Wednesday. Two members voted no.

“This culminates a sustained push on the part of numerous residents, neighborhood associations and the dental-medical community to get fluoridation restored,” said Valles, a WSCONA member and president of the New Mexico Dental Association,

“Obviously, some of the supportive Board Members struggled approaching their conclusion. But in the end, they trusted the experts—the scientific community—in support of setting fluoridation levels according to optimal, safe and effective standard by the Center for Disease Control.  They understood that the best investment made is prevention and that fluoridation plays a major part in it,” he continued, adding that, “no doubt they expect some severe criticism from opponents for their actions.”

Authority members who voted in favor of fluoridation, are:

Klarissa Peña and Trudy Jones voted against the measure.

Earlier, both WSCONA and the Inter-Coalition of Neighborhood Associations had approved a motion in support of “reinstating fluoridation at the safe optimal effective standard level of .7 PPM (0.7 milligrams per liter) set by the Center for Disease Control.”

The water supply in Albuquerque contains natural fluoride, although levels have been dropping as more surface water has been added to the flow. In 2011, the Authority ceased adding supplemental fluoride while awaiting recommendations on optimal levels from the federal government. Wednesday’s vote will authorize spending some $250,000 to renew the program of adding fluoride to the city’s water.