Andalucía Center signs much smaller than Coors Pavilion wants

Signs being put up at Coors and Montaño raise new doubts about a request to approve much larger signs just down the road.

The new signs  at the Andalucía Center are 72 square feet in area and approximately 8 feet high from the base. That is in compliance with the Coors Corridor Plan, designed to maintain views while avoiding commercial clutter along Coors. The Plan places a maximum of  75 square feet in area and 9 feet in height on roadside signs.

By contrast, the  developer of the Coors Pavilion, at Coors and St. Josephs, is seeking a  zoning variance to erect much  larger signs  — 10 to 14 feet high and over 130 square feet in area — contending that the zoning  limits make it difficult to attract tenants. The developer originally asked for even taller signs and was met with stiff neighborhood resistance.

A detailed  formal objection to the plan, prepared by the Grande Heights Neighborhood Association and filed with the Planning Department, has been supported by the WSCONA Executive Committee and other neighborhood associations.

You can voice your opinion about the Coors Pavilion application  at a facilitated meeting Monday, February 5, at 6 p.m., at the Taylor Ranch Community Center,  4900 Kachina Street NW.