A “lousy way” to redo an important plan

The City Council will consider the IDO today at 5 pm in the Council Chambers.

Rene’ Horvath, who oversees land-use issues for WSCONA, says, “This is a lousy way to redo such an important plan.” She asked people on the West Side to attend the hearing, or express concerns that the plan is not ready for adoption by calling or e-mailing all councilors (768-3100) to delay approving the plan until the public can review and address all the outstanding issues.

She notes that this is the second full Council Hearing on the IDO. The last hearing was October 16th. WSCONA, she says, is “very concerned that City Council will approve a plan that is not ready for adoption. The IDO is a complete overhaul of our current zone code. As a result, we are very concerned over the up-zoning of property with the new zone conversions, a reduction of public process and appeal rights. There are numerous other issues as well.

“The IDO was never ready to be presented to the EPC last April. As a result, a total of five EPC hearings were held between April and May resulting in 54 findings and 321 conditions. This is unheard of. Now the IDO has moved forward to City Council thru 4 LUPZ hearings since August and one City Council hearing. Numerous amendments have been introduced, mostly from the two City Councilors who sponsored the IDO.

“So far, most of the Neighborhood concerns have not been addressed. There are still many outstanding issues.. The Westside Coalition is recommending at least a 90-day deferral. There is still too much at stake to approve the IDO at this time.”