Meeting Tuesday to discuss huge sign on Coors

The developer of the Coors Pavilion shopping center at the corner of Coors and St. Josephs is seeking approval for a sign that would far exceed size limitations now placed on commercial signage along Coors.

The Coors Corridor Plan limits the size of commercial signs at 9 feet high and 75 square feet in area. Red Shamrock 4, LLC is asking for a variance to nearly double the size of the sign to 133 square fee, and increase its height to 26 feet.

You will have a chance to discuss the request  with the developer at a facilitated meeting Tuesday, from  6-8 p.m., at the Taylor Ranch Community Center, 4900 Kachina NW.

The Coors Corridor Plan — updated this March —regulates growth along the busy route, while also protecting the interests of residents regarding such things as traffic congestion, preservation of views and quality of life.  Among the rationales being offered by the developer for increasing the sign size is that tenants are used to having large signs in cities such as  Boise and Tucson.

Such a major change would need a strong argument beyond a narrow business request. The Corridor Plan is part of the Comprehensive Plan and resulting Integrated Development Ordinance, which were recently approved by the City Council after much debate.

The Coors Corridor Plan contains restrictions on signs to complement the surrounding natural landscape, such as mountain and escarpment views, and to reduce clutter. Extended discussions went into these plans. Approval of major variances would in essence gut them.  To prepare for the meeting, it is good to become familiar with the applications.

Coors Pavilion – Amendment Application

Sign Variance Justification Letter

Members of WSCONA who work on land use and development issues on behalf of neighborhoods have posed the question of why these ordinances and plans are in place if they can go by the wayside in the interests of a developer.